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About Me

Hello, I am Rajyalakshmi Nyasavajjula. Did that take you more than a second to get it right ? I know !! Well that's just a product of my Dad's love for his Mom and his staunch ignorance that it's the 90's not the 40's. But that's ok, someone figured out my grumpy baby face and christened me with a 2-syllable alternative - Raji. Not that I'm happy about this one either, but well, it worked out fine :D 

But what am I doing here ? I'm a Hyderabad based techie who grew up reading a ton of books which developed my unconditional love for writing. That, paired with my OCD for a disciplined lifestyle x mostly introverted + selectively extroverted personality, made me wonder - why don't I blog and entertain !


Intrigued ? Yeah, I wish ! But am not too bad ;) So, here I am blogging everything I love about my life - Travel, Food, Fitness, Fiction and Fashion laced with showstopper Fun moments. I hope you'll read and love <3


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